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#Blackmail #Mature #Teen 9 hours ago 3001 words | 1 |5.00 By NewHeadmaster23 Mr Jones the headmaster now turns to Miss Taylor’s daughter as a punishment. That night Miss Taylor just laid there, she was sore from the hardcore fucking she had just received. Mr Jones got up and made
#PreTeen #Threesome #Virgin 12 hours ago 1564 words | 3 |5.00 By Real Experiences Meeting two giggling girls who surprised me with their request. I was on holiday, in my car. As often when on holiday, I headed for the coast. I had bought a sandwich and drink for lunch
#Bisexual #Incest #PreTeen #Virgin 12 hours ago 926 words | 0 |5.00 By Greasemagnet Read the previous parts please. So this gorgeous 12yr sister is naked and on all fours. Her brother has positioned himself behind her and I’m infront. She takes my hard cock out of her mouth and
#Bisexual #Teen #Voyeur 9 hours ago 764 words | 0 |0.00 By John and June Back from holiday new family opposite Mum Dad boy 13approx girl 14 approx After we got home things went back to normal June never spoke about what happened and and I never brought it up
#PreTeen 12 hours ago 550 words | 0 |2.50 By Real Experiences A true experience, but it could have been so much better. This a story that’s been in my mind for a long time. It’s not really a “sex story”. I wish it was. Sorry if it bores you.
#Incest #Teen 23 hours ago 2143 words | 6 |4.65 By Tessa When my husband wants a divorce I find sex in the worst place My name I Tessa . Im 33 . For 33 id say i have a ok body . Im 5. 4 . Weight like 50kg
#Abuse #Gay #Incest #PreTeen 23 hours ago 935 words | 4 |3.93 By Cousinfucker How I fucked my cousin when he was only 8, and I was 15 I grew up in south Louisiana, and most of my family lived very close together typically less than a 10 minute walk
#Incest #Teen 1 day ago 2031 words | 1 |4.30 By catcat An unexpected hurricane forced a man and his 18 year old daughter to spend the night at a cheap hotel… “…Hurricane Ian is expected to turn into a high end Category four hurricane in the next 24 hours,
#Teen #Threesome #Virgin 1 day ago 2428 words | 0 |4.69 By nitecaptain The two girls went to bed after draining my cock, Once Alice was asleep Valerie snuck back into my room,. she needed my cock inside her. After both girls had cleaned up it was already after 1